Planet Hours:

Simplify Your Impact, Amplify Your Results.

Revolutionizing Corporate Social Responsibility with Pre-Generated Impact

Transforming the Way 
Companies Generate Impact

Our innovative approach allows companies to finance pre-generated impact, measured in Planet Hours, offering a seamless and effective way to enhance sustainability efforts and storytelling.

Diverse Impact Areas

Wooy covers a broad spectrum of impact areas, from environmental to social and economic initiatives.

Whether it's reducing carbon emissions, supporting education, ensuring clean water, protecting wildlife, promoting equality, enhancing job security, or fostering renewable energy, we have it all.

How it works?



Browse a diverse range of verified impact projects instantly.



Choose and fund the impact that aligns with your ESG strategy.



Get immediate results, detailed reports, and premium content about the initiatives you support.

Why Choose Wooy?

Benefits of Pre-Generated Impact

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Immediate Results

See the impact of your investment instantly.

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Transparency & Verification

All results are pre-verified for authenticity.

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Resource Efficiency

Reduce administrative costs and maximize resource use.

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Enhanced Engagement

Boost motivation among employees, customers, and partners.

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Simplified Reporting

Easy access to verified results for impactful reporting.

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Premium Content

Get high-quality content for marketing and storytelling.

Simplified Storytelling with Planet Hours

Planet Hours translates complex impact metrics into comprehensible units of time, making it easier to communicate your achievements.

Answer the question, 'How many hours have you given back to the world?' and strengthen your brand identity with compelling sustainability stories."

What Our Clients Say

“The sustainability world faces the challenge of making people perceive the impact generated and with Planet Hours we finally found an easy way to do it”

Tina Albani

ESG expert

"Thanks to one-click impact, we quickly gained approval as a provider for a major multinational. It showcased our verified impact efficiently, speeding up the evaluation process."

Sophie Lynn

Head of Marketing

"Implementing impact initiatives has never been easier, the already made impact is a game-changer."

Matt Vicario

Lead Developer
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