Wooy is the first Lossless Donation DEFI protocol that allows you to win incredible experiences, NFTs and even APY while helping causes that really matter.
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Win incredible

We like to say that we are all fans of someone, we all have that idol for whom we would give everything to meet. A ⚽️,🎸,👩‍🎨,🎾,🎬 ... you name it!

We believe that passion is an incredible incentive to reach as many people as possible. That's why we work with Celebrities that donate their time to create unique and mind-blowing experiences.

We call it a win-win-win!

Where celebrities reach out to their followers in new, creative and emotional ways, fans have the possibility of living a once in a lifetime experience, while sponsors promote their products and, most importantly, everyone supports a charitable cause.


Why Blockchain?

We solve a modern problem with modern solutions:


Transparent & traceable framework

Blockchain records all transactions allowing users to check every detail about the donation flow.

Lower fees

Blockchain transactions incur in lower fees, allowing to get as much as possible for the Non-profits.


Faster international transactions

By having faster and easier international transfers gives users from all around the globe the opportunity to participate in our worldwide and mind blowing experiences!


New ways of interacting with our users

Take advantage of the tools that this system provides adding new ways of participating such as:


By donating as little as a cup of coffee you participate in our sweepstakes.



"Donate for free" in our subscription model.



Complete our celebrities collections of Non Fungible Tokens.


NFT's as Proof Of Donation

We created the concept of POD, taking the first step on the road to show transparency when donating. Every donation will receive an NFT as a PROOF OF DONATION.

POD's registered all the important data about the donation you have made. Like who donated, how much, when and to whom.

Special prizes!

Every celebrity campaign has his own limited collection of NFT's, where everyone who completes a collection wins special prizes. Incentivizing the exchange of collectibles and increasing their chances of winning!

Sponsored NFT’s:

Inside every celebrity collection there will be sponsor's NFT’s that will work as "golden tickets" giving the possibility to win an extra sponsored prizes.

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So... why Wooy ?

Wooy comes from the word “Help” in Wolof and that’s the reason for our existence. Our vision is to create a forprofit company that uses technology to make a purposeful impact in the world.

We seek to contribute with the SDG's by revolutionizing the way people donate, encouraging their charitable vocation and giving them the opportunity to make their dreams come true as a reward.


"If you kill innovation in fundraising, you can’t raise more revenue. If you can’t raise more revenue, you can’t grow. And if you can’t grow, you can’t possibly solve large social problems."