The smart and rewarding way to generate funds to support impact initiatives

Wooy works as a blockchain saving account, where you can deposit and withdraw everything whenever you want without any lock-up periods, fees or risking your deposit.

But with the difference that, while you are subscribed, we generate yield to help finance environmental initiatives.

That’s not even the best part!

As an incentive for everyone to get involved, we enable users to win unique prizes and experiences as rewards for participating.

These can go from tokens and trips to experiences with celebrities and much more!

How it works?

Suscribe to participate, participate to donate


Subscribe with the amount you want for as little as $1.

That’s it really.

You’re all set!


A winner is selected at the end of the time period. Automatically participate for the next prize.


We donate the earned yield to multiple impact initiatives.

The longer you stay, the more chances you get and the more money you donate

No lockup periods, no fees, no-loss

We choose
safe over trendy

We sit on top and plug into safe yield generating mechanisms and redistribute that yield in an impactful way.

Your key, your money: we’re non-custodial

Even if you don’t win, you win!

Everyone who participate with us receives a Proof Of Donation NFT.

Soulbound tokens to create a digital web3 reputation based on the impact a user makes, showing the actions and initiatives they supported.

Beautiful collectibles with utilities from our sponsors and partners.

Have questions about it?

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How can it be truly “lossless”?

You don’t have to spend your tokens to join Wooy. When you make a deposit, you just use the yield generated by your tokens to generate chances. For example, if you deposit 100 USDC and your yield is 10 USDC, these earnings are what you use to participate our pools. The initial 100 USDC are never spent and you can withdraw them in full whenever you want.

Donations play a key role in our business model. Our sponsors fund most of our prizes, and we provide them with advertisements on our platform and social media. NGOs get visibility too and we get to help them not only financially but also take care of the technology, all marketing efforts and collect donations for them.

Wooy provides a rewarding way to donate!

Is it safe to leave my money with you?

We’re a non-custodial platform, which means that you’re never really leaving your money in our hands. Wooy acts as a bridge between our users and some of the most popular decentralized finance protocols, like AAVE and Compound. When someone deposits money on Wooy, that money is automatically routed to these protocols and begin earning interest.

This connection between our users and these protocols happens through fully audited smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts in which the contents of the agreement are inscribed directly into lines of code. This is how we manage to never get a hold of your money.

How do you choose a winner?

Wooy’s protocol is decentralized and open source which means anyone can view and audit the code to verify it is fair and secure. We believe in transparency and we want to allow everyone to check out how we choose winners. That is why we use Chainlink VRF, a a verifiable random function that provides a unique output (the winner) and can be publicly verified. Learn more about ChainLink here.

Partner with us

We combine crypto users, fiat users, companies and impact initiatives working together!


If you are an NGO, we would love to work together!

Increase visibility and reach

We take care of the technology, marketing efforts and collecting donations

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Partner with us to generate innovative impact campaigns

Show the sustainable side of your brand

Use the same CSR budgets while creating unique marketing campaigns and generating even more donations.

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