Innovating with impact

We build infrastructure to empower businesses and users in creating impact.

What is a POD?

An exclusive collectible that is given as a token of appreciation for every donation made.

It works as a digital certificate registered in blockchain, improving transparency and traceability in donations.

Que es un POD?

Un certificado digital de la donación registrado en blockchain.

Es un NFT exclusivo que se entrega como agradecimiento por cada donación. Aumentando la transparencia y trazabilidad de las donaciones.

How does a POD look?

We show all the information of the campaign

We created the first impact identity for individuals and companies with our Proof of Donation NFTs

Having a place where they can collect and showcase all the causes they have helped.

Benefits for NGOs

Gift a POD to every donor.

Build loyalty and acquire donors by creating a sense of community and belonging.

Creation of opportunities for joint campaigns with companies.

Increase the visibility of your goals and values.

Tool to create new ways to interact with your donors.

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PODs for companies

The new toolset to drive loyalty and user acquisition‍

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Organize campaigns

Drive loyalty and acquire customers in innovative ways.

Sponsor campaign

Brand reputation and user acquisition.

Collaborative campaign

Collaborate with NGOs and streamers to amplify the impact and reach a wider audience

PODs para empresas

Fidelización y adquisición de usuarios mediante campañas de marketing con impacto

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Organizá una campaña

Fomentá fidelización y adquirí clientes de una manera innovadora.

Sponsor oficial

Reputación de marca y adquisición de usuarios.

Colaborá en una campaña

Con ONGs y streamers para amplificar el impacto y llegar a una audiencia más amplia.

PODs for Streamers

Unleash the power of PODs and enhance your streaming experience!

Boost viewer engagement.
Strengthen your community.
Create new ways to grow the community.

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